25 May 2011

Massive reclamation at Pulau Tekong continues

The massive reclamation at Pulau Tekong that has been going on for years, will continue until end of 2011.The shores nearby include Chek Jawa, Beting Bronok and Changi (links are to photo sets on wildsingapore flickr).

What is the ultimate purpose of all this reclamation?

I don't really know but in 1990, in the book "The Next Lap" this was the plan for Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa and Pulau Tekong.
Click on image for larger view.

See also Master Plan 2008: Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa and our northern shores - Is Chek Jawa safe from reclamation? on the wildfilms blog.

Fortunately, there are ongoing efforts to attempt to protect the mangroves on the northern-eastern coast of Pulau Tekong.

Reclamation at Pulau Tekong
from Port Marine Notice No. 63 of 2011 dated 20 May 2011
This is a revision of Port Marine Notice No. 152 of 2010. The working period has been extended.

With effect from 02 Jun 2011 to 01 Dec 2011. 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays. Off Pulau Tekong, within a working area bounded by the following coordinates
(see attached plan):

Reclamation works at Pulau Tekong will involve dredging, construction of revetment, soil investigation and soil improvement works. Soil improvement works will entail stabilized dredging, sand piling, deep cement mixing. The cutter-suction dredger will be used for the bund
construction within the working area. Safety boats will be deployed in the vicinity to warn other craft of the operations in the area. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr. R Kamata, the construction manager, at Tel: 9624 8603, (email: ryuji_kamata@tjput.com.sg).


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