16 April 2011

Strange mangrove anemones!

A bizarre sea anemone is found during today's Mega Marine Survey at Lim Chu Kang! It's large and full of bumps on the body column.
It does look like the Plain anemone that we sometimes see on our other shores. This sea anemone has yet to be identified!

Later on, I found another of these strange anemones. Here's what it looks like while it's still in the mud.
The rest of the team found MORE of these anemones! For a grand total of five of them! Bravo!
Wow, someone has found a scorpionfish! Could it be the Stargazer waspfish or Mangrove waspfish? We also found a little mudskipper and other small fishes.
We even found some animals that look like sea cucumbers! Possibly some kind of Synaptid sea cucumber? Ken Jin also found some brittlestars under a piece of wood. The first time we have found echinoderms on a mangrove mudflat during the Survey. So exciting!
There are lots and lots of Onch slugs on the shores. Here's a closer look at one busy slurping up stuff from the mud, leaving a trail of poop behind it. Mud creatures are gross but fascinating!
More about our trip and how you can join the Survey on the Mega Marine Survey blog.

There is a huge pile of trash on the high water mark. Lim Chu Kang is one of the worst affected shores for trash. International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) looks after this and many of our other 'trashed' shores. You can make a difference by joining ICCS.
Alas, I noticed abandoned driftnets in the mangroves.
And a large number of abandoned traps!
We shall have to come back here for Project Driftnet. Sigh.

Too much to clean up! Tomorrow, we are Project Driftnet at Mandai mangroves.

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