27 January 2011

Mystery row of 'drums' off Pasir Ris

I've been seeing a long row of 'drums' chained together installed about 100m off the shore at Pasir Ris. This was what I saw in Jan 11.
Kok Sheng had a better photo of the drums which he took in Nov 10.
I've been wondering what they are. A recent Port Marine Notice suggests they are a kind of 'Sea Barrier' and are made up of "marker buoys with sinkers and HDPE drums linked up with stainless steel chain." Another long series of these drums are planned for installation at Pasir Ris towards Pulau Serangoon.

I wonder if they will have an impact on the marine life on the shore?

Construction of Sea Barrier at Serangoon Harbour
from Port Marine Notice No. 06 of 2011 dated 25 Jan 2011
With effect from 08 Feb 2011 to 07 Aug 2011. 0800 to 1800hrs daily including Sundays and Public Holidays. Location : Serangoon Harbour and its vicinity (see attached chartlet):

The construction works will involve installation of marker buoys with sinkers and HDPE drums linked up with stainless steel chain. A safety boat will be deployed to advise all craft to keep clear of the working area. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Bobby Woon, the project manager at Tel: 9456 6876 (email: bobby@thong-huat.com.sg).


  1. There is an identical chain of drums at Sentosa Cove. Might the existing chain of HDPE drums eventually surround the entire northern coast of S'pore ?

    As human or sea-life barriers, these drums don't look very effective. Could they be wave-barriers to help reduce shore erosion ? But then, I thought the Johor Straits is relatively placid.

  2. These are barriers put up by Police Coast Guard to deter "II" entry into Singapore.

  3. Thanks Robert for the explanation! And Pat for the info.

  4. 'Sea Barrier' Is ugly

  5. Was there recently. Noted lots of Green Mussels on the drums! So they get more surfaces to grow on. But the water around Loyang had some oil slick that day.

  6. Wow, I can imagine! Thanks for this info. Yes, mussels do like hard surfaces. Alas, so near the shipyards, oil slicks I'm sure are not uncommon.



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