28 December 2010

Sundial snail wins!

Our beautiful sundial snail won in last week's EOL photo contest! Chay Hoon found this amazing snail at Sisters Islands.
Sundial snail (Architectonica perspectiva)
The Encyclopedia of Life has a lively EOL flickr group with regular contests themed around various aspects of the Planet's amazing biodiversity. It was a great surprise that our humble but very handsome Sundial snail (Architectonica perspectiva) won the contest about 'spirals'. Other entries included an awesome purple spiraling young fern tip entitled Purple Viol (which was the runner up winner), a cute chameleon with a curled tail and other cool coiling stuff.

This photo now gets to join the Best of EOL flickr group! I'm really glad that Singapore's own biodiversity gets featured on this global site.

Last year, our pretty Chromodoris lineolata nudibranch won the contest too!

Do consider submitting your photos to the EOL, and join in the regular contests so that more can learn that Singapore does have and cares for our biodiversity! Here's my earlier post about how to contribute to the EOL flickr group which feeds into the EOL database.

Many of our common wildlife have no photos on EOL. Share your photos so that more will see that Singapore has marvellous nature.

I've been diligently trying to upload a few photos of all our marine life over the months. As a result, it turned out that wildsingapore is now one of the top five contributors to EOL flickr! Wow, that was a surprise.

The EOL flickr site is also a gold mine of information. Treegrow started a discussion thread on Online Identification Guides and there's a huge list of resources suggested covering what seems to be everything!

So drop by the EOL flickr group, have a look around, and share your photos!

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