03 December 2010

Kids meet dugong, turtle and more at the Museum Open House!

Today I had a quick look at the Open House at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research during lunch time.
It was wonderful to see so many kids enthralled by the exhibits about our marine life and beyond.

There's lots of activities for kids such as making buttons and a treasure hunt.
There was quite a little crowd, but enough space for everyone to take their time taking a closer look at the various fascinating exhibits.
A museum is a great place for young ones to learn about our biodiversity in a safe and easy manner.
The little ones were seriously doing their activities.
All the exhibits large and small were scrutinised.
The Leatherback sea turtle sure is large, especially next to the children. There's a special story about this sea turtle, as well as the other exhibits!
Sometimes it's the young ones who are explaining things to the older ones!
Some of us just have fun taking wacky photos with the exhibits!
More wacky photos with the exhibits!
There are also workshops to attend where we can learn more about what goes on at a museum. Rene (in red) and her friend just attended such a workshop.
Rene is very proud of her Hissing cockroach specimen that she did at one of the workshops being held for the Open House. Later on I bumped into Mr David Court, Sean and Jocelyne about to set up for another workshop on spiders.
I also bumped into Zestin, whom I first met at yesterday's Mega Marine Survey. Only today I found out that it was Zestin who caught the moray eel at the Survey! Today, he is helping to take photos.
And Chay Hoon is also busy at the Open House, with her wonderful clay models of various critters.
A closer look at the awesome models Chay Hoon made. I love the civet cat! (It's next to the whale shark).
There's also a booth selling all manner of books, pamphlets and other educational materials to learn more about our biodiversity!
There are also tours of the exhibits which share lots of fascinating details about the specimens.
There's also some special posters at the Open House. I was delighted with the poster on gobies done by Dr Zeehan Jaafar!
Marcus Chua not only has a lovely poster about his research with camera traps to document amazing wildlife such as the Greater mousedeer on Pulau Ubin. But I believe he has also set up the camera trap at the Open House to document small mammals, namely, the kids!
The Museum is very much involved in groundbreaking research and field work overseas. This is a gorgeous poster of one of the many expeditions they were involved in.
The Open House sure has attracted an enthusiastic crowd of families! Hurray!
The last day of the Open House is tomorrow 4 Dec (Sat). More information on the RMBR website. Don't miss this special annual event! The kids will love it!

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