26 October 2010

Wild areas A to Z

What exactly is a 'biodiversity hotspot'? Where is 'Last of the Wild'? How is a 'Ramsar site' different from a 'World Heritage Site'? And what the ... is a HBWA? or an IBA?
To the rescue: the A to Z areas of biodiversity importance website provides clear and concise details on these and other confusing acronyms. It is designed to be used by business, government and environmental agencies.

The guide also spotlights 35 important areas worldwide - such as Ramsar, World Heritage sites and Protected Areas. It also explains the species and habitats they seek to protect as well as in their legal status and the extent to which local communities are present.

The guide also covers the criteria behind the management practices for protecting different areas and important information, like legal and compliance aspects as well as the biodiversity and socio-cultural values that need to be upheld in each location.

Full press release on the A to Z resource on the
UNEP website and wildsingapore news.

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