08 September 2010

Joseph Lai: A Heart for the Earth

"Botanist Joseph Lai has had a long-standing love affair", write Elizabeth Law and Tina Bogaars in SALT, magazine of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).
Young artist with his work


But of course, those who know Joe realise it is a deep love for Mother Nature, who is also his muse.

I first met Joe working on Chek Jawa. To me he is the man who saved Chek Jawa. Much of what I do today is influenced by Joe and his work on Chek Jawa.

How did Joe find Chek Jawa and what did he do about it? What is it about nature that moves Joe to poetry? How can ordinary people feel more and do more for nature?

Find out in the article in SALT.

I heartily agree with Joe's final word:
When it comes to our environment, Lai believes that every single Singaporean can be involved. “All you need for volunteering is a genuine concern. Signing up to any environmental bodies – public or NGOs – is easy. There is plenty of work to do. Be the face that smiles and says ‘Here I am, a Singaporean and a stakeholder; I care and want to do something about my homeland.”

Not sure where you should start volunteering?

Long ago, Joe's influence has inspired wildsingapore's tagline; You CAN make a difference!

Simply explore (visit and learn about our wild places), express (share and speak up) and ACT (volunteer). Check out the links for more information!

More about Joe on wild people.

And read Joe for yourself on his very inspiring website simply entitled EARTH.

More about the work done for Chek Jawa before deferment of reclamation and about Chek Jawa today.

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