29 August 2010

Barge carrying liquid petroleum products hits Bedok Jetty

Strong winds sent an anchored wooden barge carrying liquid petroleum products drifting against Bedok Jetty, damaging railings there.
Photo from Channel NewsAsia.

Channel NewsAsia says the incident did not pollute the waters.

The waters off East Coast Park is a major anchorage with many ships parked here at any one time. This is the latest status from Vessel Tracker, the orange dots denoting vessels that are anchored or not moving. Blue dots are moving vessels.

Portion of Bedok Jetty damaged by wooden barge
Joanne Chan Channel NewsAsia 28 Aug 10;
SINGAPORE : A portion of the Bedok jetty was damaged by a wooden barge on Saturday morning.

Ten metres of railing were knocked down after strong winds sent the anchored barge drifting towards the jetty.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore was notified by the Police Coast Guard at about 5am.

The affected section of the jetty was cordoned off.

The barge, which is used to carry liquid petroleum products, was towed back to its original site.

The incident did not pollute the waters or affect activities around the jetty. - CNA/ms

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