21 May 2010

Extensive shore works at Pasir Ris continues until Aug 10

These works have had some impact on Pasir Ris shores.
In Dec 09, I saw this excavator travel along the soft shore from one work site to the next, instead of moving on the high firm ground.

In Apr 10 (last month), I saw many large holes (about 1x1 metres) at regular intervals all the along the low water mark. There was a huge barge high and dry on the entire high shore at low tide. Did the barge make the holes on the shore?
Did the barge smash Siti's seagrass study apparatus? It was heartbreaking to see her hard work literally in pieces on the Pasir Ris shore.
Photo shared by Siti on her facebook.

Besides the shore works, earlier in the year, Pasir Ris was also affected by mass fish deaths.
The shore works began in Nov 09 and will continue until Aug 10.

Pasir Ris is full of marine life and we hope the shore will be able to recover from the impact of these prolonged and extensive works.

Restoration of Shoreline Along Pasir Ris Park
From Port Marine Notice No. 53 of 2010 dated 17 May 2010
This is a revision to PMN No. 161 of 2009. The working period has been revised.

With effect from 18 May 2010 to 11 Aug 2010. At Pasir Ris (see attached plan):-

The restoration works will entail topping up of sand/stone in the revetment and construction of new headland. The works will be carried out by excavators from the landward side and the materials for the restoration works will be provided by the work barges.A safety boat will be deployed in the vicinity of the working area to warn other craft to keep clear of the operations. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Teo Cheng Lin, the project manager at Tel: 9800 1149 (email: jerry.teo@koon.com.sg).


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