10 April 2010

Spawn of coral on video!

An awesome spectacle, shared by Karenne Tun in this wonderful moving video clip!

Synchronous Mass Coral Spawning 2010, Singapore from Karenne Tun on Vimeo.

Karenne shares:
The 2010 mass coral spawning event at Raffles Lighthouse, Pulau Satumu, Singapore, was one of the best observed in recent years. We were out on the reef from the 3rd to the 6th night after the March 31st full moon to observe and record the event. In total, we observed at least 25 species and over 200 colonies go off over the 4 nights within a 400m2 area. And that's pretty impressive by any standard. I managed to catch the spawning using the video function of my new toy - the Canon S90, with a FIX Aluminium housing and Scubacam's LED video lights. The lil' camera is pretty impressive.

Thank you Karenne for the marvellous glimpse of this miracle of nature!

See also Orgy on Singapore Reefs: coral mass spawning on the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity blog.


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