21 April 2010

A peek at Singapore's coral nursery

How's Singapore's first coral nursery doing?

Here's some great video clips of the work being done on the nursery during a visit on 18 Apr.

Started in Jul 07, the Coral Nursery Project at Pulau Semakau was established to enhance hard coral cover and diversity in Singapore. It is the first coral nursery in the region that uses "coral of opportunity" (i.e. coral fragments that lie free on the reef having been fragmented by some impact) as seed corals for growth and transplantation. This is unlike other commercial methods of harvesting corals, which breaks up healthy coral colonies for planting.

The project involves NParks, the National University of Singapore with sponsorship from Keppel Corporation and support from the National Environment Agency.

These clips were shared by Mr Wong Tuan Wah of NParks.

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