26 April 2010

Dolphin escapes from Resorts World Sentosa?

Thanks to WChinner on her Natura Gig, there's another update of the dolphins being held in a pen at Awana Porto Malai, Langkawi. These dolphins are ostensibly destined for eventual transfer to Resorts World Sentosa.
Photo from Natura Gig.

WChinner heard "from the grapevine" that one of the dolphins had escaped from the pen by jumping out!

She added "That is why this pen has fences around it now". And a security guard house has also been installed at the pen.

Other recent developments regarding captive dolphins in general include:

This month, there was an outcry against Hong Kong's Ocean Park when it was seen to be attempting to collect wild dolphins from the Solomons. The Park eventually denied any attempt to do so.

Also this month, Hollywood celebrities joined the fight to free whales and dolphins from marine parks.

While last month, an infamous Solomon Islands dolphin trader known as the ‘Darth Vader of dolphins’ says he intends to release the dolphins that he still holds. Chris Porter said he is "beginning to doubt the (educational) value of shows, where animals are forced to perform tricks."

So far, there is no public news on dolphin transfers to Resorts World Sentosa. Whether from the Philippines or Langkawi.

If you know of any information, please do share in the comments to this post. Thank you.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Ria;
    Thank you for spreading the words around.
    Please tell all your Singaporean friends not to stay at Awana Porto Malai when they come to Langkawi.

    psssttt... a lot of Singaporeans like to stay there actually. This is because Genting Resorts world loves to give out freebies.



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