09 February 2010

Encyclopedia of Life podcast: sea cucumbers!

What reef animal comes in a rainbow of crazy colors, can throw out its stomach to immobilize predators, then creep away and regrow a brand-new stomach?
Thorny sea cucumber (Colochirus quadrangularis)
The Encyclopedia of Life podcast reveals!

It’s the sea cucumber, prized as a gastronomic delight by some cultures and beginning to yield some of its secrets to scientists. Follow host Ari Daniel Shapiro from a Chinatown market to the reefs of Fiji to learn more about this amazing creature.

Listen to the sea cucumber podcast on the EOL website. With a Google Earth tour of the sites toured in the podcast!

See also the Echinoblog by ChrisM who is one of the scientists involved in the podcast.

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  1. Thanks for the post about the podcasts!



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