17 February 2010

Dr. John Yong's guides to mistletoes and ferns

Dr. John Yong shares valuable guides to our mistletoes and ferns!
Comparative Guide to Mistletoes by JWH Yong

These guides are a wonderful aid for those learning to identify these plants!

His 'blue sheet' guide to mangroves have been greatly appreciated by mangrove lovers for some time.
Comparative Guide to Mangroves by JWH Yong
So it was wonderful to learn that he has also come up with a similar guide for mistletoes as well as ferns!
Comparative Guide to Ferns by JWH Yong
Read more on the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity blog about mistletoes, ferns, mangroves and Dr John's work in sharing these with ordinary people who want to learn more about these fascinating plants.

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