19 February 2010

17-21 May: Ascidian Workshop, Singapore

Ascidians are intriguing blobs we often see on our shores.
Very little is known about these animals (yes, they are NOT plants!). So it's very exciting to hear of the Ascidian Workshop scheduled in May!

Ascidian Workshop, Singapore
17-21 May 2010
St John’s island Marine Laboratory
Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore

Although ascidians are very common in almost all marine habitats in tropical Asia, they have been neglected in many studies due to poor knowledge of taxonomy. Thus, a major objective of this workshop is to encourage more research in ascidian biology in Southeast Asia.

This first workshop in Southeast Asia will provide an introduction to ascidian ecology and taxonomy. The course instructors are Gretchen Lambert and Charles Lambert (University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories). Gretchen and Charles Lambert are internationally renowned experts on ascidian taxonomy. They have taught several courses on ascidian taxonomy.

For logistic reasons, places for full participants are limited to 15. The full-board rate is SGD$800, covering meals, accommodation and materials for the 5 days of the workshop. Full participants are expected to attend all the lectures and practical sessions, and priority will be given to researchers which require the skills training for their work.

A subsidized rate of SGD$400 is available for researchers from ASEAN countries. Please email Dr Serena TEO (email:tmsteolm@nus.edu.sg) as soon as possible.

For those who wish to have an overview and attend lectures only, a part-day rate of SGD$50 per day covering meals and daily boat travel to St John’s Island is available.

This course is jointly organized by the Tropical Marine Science Institute and Raffles Museum for Biodiversity Research of the National University of Singapore.

For more information and registration, simply email to: Dr Serena TEO (email:tmsteolm@nus.edu.sg).

For full participants (full-board, lectures & practicals), please register by 15 March 2010.

For part-day (lectures only), please register by 10 May 2010.

Full programme and other details on the TMSI website.

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