12 January 2010

Nature walks at St. John's Island with the Tropical Marine Science Institute

The Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI) offers walks to explore St John's Island's intertidal shore, mangroves, and terrestrial forest areas!
A4 Poster: St John's Island
This is part of the TMSI's Public Outreach Programmes led by Ms Jun Lin.

What can you see at St. John's?

There are interesting coral reefs! They are very much alive as seen from these posts about a visit there. Dolphins are often sighted off St. John's Island too!
Living reefs of St. John's Island, Singapore
On higher ground, there are many special mangroves. With several rare Nyireh (Xylocarpus rumphii) trees on the wilder coast of St. John's. As well as pitcher plants and other strange and interesting coastal plants.
Xylocarpus rumphii
And there's a patch of secret mangroves on the more 'civilised' side of this little island, with specimens of some rare mangroves too.
Mangroves near the jetty
And a surprisingly large number of rare trees such as these Pink-eyed pong pong trees (Cerbera manghas) planted near the seawall.
Cerbera manghas
As well as many heritage trees! There are two Tembusu trees (Fagraea fragrans), one Penaga laut (Calophyllum inophyllum), four Sea figs (Ficus superba) and more!

St. John's also has much history and is a great place to relax too.

TMSI also has special programmes to create awareness in the marine sciences. They conduct short visits to their marine research facility at St John's Island with an introduction to marine science and research at TMSI, with two short talks highlighting some of their research.

TMSI also has programmes specially for students.

Check these out on the TSMI Public Outreach Programmes page.

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