11 January 2010

Dugong blimp cam survey at Sungai Pulai

Sit on the boat below the great balloon.
Observe the CCTV screen.
Record data when a dugong appears.

This is what you need to do to help out in the Dugong Blimp Cam Survey at Sungai Pulai Johor running 23 Jan - 1 Feb.

How exciting to read this message on Choo Chee Kuang's Facebook account:

The dugong blimp cam survey at Sungai Pulai is calling for volunteers.

The survey will start on the 23rd Jan through 1 Feb 2009 and there will be three slots (3 hours per slot) per day. Feel free to chip in for one or more slots. Note that we can only accommodate a maximum of 2 moderate-sized volunteers per slot due to the limited boat capacity. Participation is free. Please refer to the survey schedule below.

The project is initiated by the Malaysian Society of Marine Sciences and sponsored by Shell Sustainable and Development Grants. SOS supports the project in terms of boat use and volunteers accommodation.

If you are interested, please click on the two links below for further info and for bookings.

To see the survey advertisement.

To book the slot(s) on this google document.

Thanks in advance. Kindly contact Dr. Louisa (0127012499) or Choo (019-9815940) if you have further enquiries.

Also feel free to forward this email to those whom you think might be interested.


Choo is working hard for Sungai Pulai with among others, the Save our Seahorse programme. All the best for the blimp survey. Sounds exciting!

1 comment:

  1. How exiting!

    I have just returned from Thailand where I have observed dugongs off Koh Libong. More surveys are urgently needed and the owner of the Libong Nature Beach Resort asked me whether I would be prepared to return for a 3 months volunteer research position.

    Ever since then I have wracked my brains for a way to carry out reasonable observations from a boat. Aereal surveys are best, but I don't have a pilot's licence or lots of money to charter a plane/microlight ;)

    It seems that you have hit on an ideal solution. I would be very interested to hear how it goes!



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