10 January 2010

Frenzied fiddlers on Chek Jawa

The highlight of a Chek Jawa boardwalk trip at any tide are fiddler crabs!
These very pretty crabs are commonly seen on the mangrove trail of the boardwalk even at a not so low tide.

The male fiddler crab has a stout enlarged pincers. I'm still not sure what kind they are.

And then there were these really tiny but brightly coloured fiddler crabs. James has much better photos of them on his blog post.
Further out on the coastal boardwalk, when the tide is not so high, you can see lots and lots of Porcelain fiddler crabs (Uca annulipes).
As well as plenty of Orange fiddler crabs (Uca vocans).
Here's a closer look at some of the Orange fiddler crabs. Some of the males have very large enlarged pincers (compared to the body size). Others not so large. Are they two different kinds of fiddler crabs?
The enlarged pincers are so huge, the male fiddler crab can't feed with them. Instead, they have one smaller pincer to feed with. Female fiddler crabs have two small pincers and probably feed twice as fast.
The enlarged pincer of the male fiddler crab is used to attract the females. And this male fiddler crab seems to have two girlfriends!
Fiddler crabs are so much fun to observe!

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