08 January 2010

Cyrene Reefs featured in Nature Watch!

Today I got my copy of Nature Watch, the magazine of the Nature Society (Singapore).
And my article about Cyrene Reef is in this issue!

Thanks to Morten Strange, editor of the magazine, for encouraging me to write this feature and being kind enough to make space for all the long-winded details.

Besides the marvellous marine life there, are the equally amazing work being done to understand and share about Cyrene Reef. Scientists and ordinary people have been working on this shore for some years now. Among the marinelife on Cyrene that have been studied include: Knobbly sea stars, sea anemones, seahorses and pipefishes and seagrasses!
YOU too can make a difference, for example, by joining TeamSeagrass. Experienced Team members monitor this shore, which is probably the richest in species and health of all our seagrass meadows!

What makes Cyrene even more special is its location! Surrounded by our busy port, major industrial and petrochemical plants, first time visitors to Cyrene are often astounded to see the lush living shores.
The existence of such a marvellous reef in the midst of these major massive industrial facilities shows that Singapore can develop sustainably. Proof that might come in handy when Singapore makes a bid to develop similar facilities elsewhere, near other reefs and natural shores which are important to the host country for fisheries and eco-tourism.

I'm glad to have had this opportunity to share about Cyrene Reef with more people via the Nature Watch magazine. Thank you Morten Strange and the Nature Society (Singapore).

You can get copies of Nature Watch from the Nature Society (Singapore) as well as from Nature's Niche.
Apologies for the bad photos of the magazine. I don't have a scanner.

More about Cyrene Reefs


  1. Nice! Congrats on your article :)

  2. Congrats Ria!!!!

    Keep writing and photographing.....


  3. Thanks everyone for your kind encouragement!

  4. Good stuff Ria! I can handle "long-winded" when the material you write is so damn good!Keep it coming!

  5. Any visits to Cyrene reef? Field trips?

  6. AlvinZ, Cyrene Reef is very much a part of our very long list of shores to visit regularly. For sure we will continue to have field trips there.



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