16 December 2009

Tuas: Singapore's next big port development?

The hockey stick-shaped piece of land at the westernmost tip of Singapore looks set to become Singapore's next major port development.
There is talk of a relocation in the medium to long term of Singapore's port operations in the city centre to the west.
A4 Poster: Tuas, Merawang Beacon
Marine life at Tuas, Merawang Beacon, a tiny sliver of shore monitored by TeamSeagrass.

Recently, the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) has issued a tender for soil investigation and seismic surveys there. This work is to start in November/December, with the contract period covering 14 months. 'There will be reclamation in that area, although not immediately after the soil investigation project,' it added.

'There are already a lot of ships anchored there as the water is deep, and the location looks ideal,' said one source who has heard of the possible shift of part of MPA's operations to the area.

When asked about the port move, an MPA spokesman would only say that 'there is no firm plan for Tuas View area at the moment. We will share details when ready'.

SembMarine just last month announced its plans to build a massive, integrated yard at Tuas View Extension to which it will relocate its present Jurong operations. Development of its 73.3-ha first phase will be completed by 2013, with the entire new yard to be built over 12 years. It is understood that JTC is about to complete reclaiming land needed for the phase 2 development of SembMarine's yard.

Meanwhile, JTC has just called a tender for soil investigation for a proposed road at phase 3 of the Tuas View Extension site.

Full article on the wildsingapore news blog.

What natural shores are nearby?

The beautiful shores of Tuas are up the Johor Straits. This is one of the sites monitored by TeamSeagrass. More photos of marinelife at Tuas are on wildsingapore flickr.

Across the Johor Straits are the Sungai Pulai estuary "possibly the richest marine bio-diversity spot in Malaysia" and gazetted a Wetland of International Importance in 2003. The area is already going to be impacted by plans to develop a massive petrochemical installation there.

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