12 December 2009

12-13 Dec (Sat-Sun): Geminids meteor shower gazing at Changi Beach Park

Catch the most anticipated meteor shower for Singaporeans! Once again, among the best places to view this stellar event is a dark shore.
Sunrise at Changi
From the MPASTRO blog: The Geminids meteor shower have a fairly broad maximum, so viewing should be productive throughout the entire morning of December 13, New Moon this year allows coverage of the entire night. The Geminids can produce observed rates of over 100/hour at maximum, and are reliable (for a meteor shower) as well as spectacular. Geminids are medium-speed meteors. Most of them don't leave glowing trains, but the brighter ones are often colored (yellow, green and blue are most common).

The Geminids Star Party 2009 is organised by MPASTRO.

The 'stargazing for public' consist of a short laser tour to introduce the constellations you can see in the sky. (depend on the sky condition)

The event is free and suitable for kids 12 years and above.

To register, email mpastrosociety@gmail.com your name, nric and your contact number.

More details on the MPASTRO blog.

About the Geminid meteor shower in Singapore, best time to see them and more on astronomy.sg

Time: 8pm to 8am (next day)
Venue: Changi Beach Park
Website and contact: http://mpastro.blogspot.com/


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