27 October 2009

Will you survive a trip to the sea shore?

A trip to the shore is quite safe, IF you know what you are doing. Here's a short little quiz with 8 questions to find out if you will survive a shore trip:

The associated pages on wildsingapore have been updated with information on how to stay safe on the shores.

For particularly dangerous animals on the wild fact sheets, there is a little red box with the pertinent information.

The key steps to staying safe are quite sensible:
  • Walk slowly, watch where you put your foot.
  • Avoid stepping into the water. Especially avoid murky water where you cannot see what you are stepping on.
  • Do not touch or step on animals.
  • Don't harass animals. CHOPSTICKS ARE BAD. They make you want to poke everything at close quarters, well within striking distance of animals that can sting, bite, pinch and slash you.
  • Wear COVERED shoes. Booties are best.
  • Wear long pants to cover all skin exposed to water.
  • Be knowledgeable about the animals on the shores. Respect them.
As usual, any feedback on this will be most welcomed.

All people coming for my field trips will have to score well on the quiz or I will have to think hard about bringing them along...

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