17 October 2009

Blasting next to Labrador, Oct 09 - Apr 10

Drilling 24-hours daily and blasting will take place next to Labrador shore for the next six months.

More about marine life at Labrador and other issues relating to Labrador.

Underwater drilling and blasting works at Pasir Panjang Fairway
from Port Marine Notice No. 149 of 2009 dated 16 Oct 2009
With effect from 27 Oct 2009 to 27 Apr 2010. At Pasir Panjang Fairway and its vicinity (see attached chartlet, above):

Drilling will be carried out 24 hours daily, including Sundays and Public Holidays.
Blasting works will be carried out during the following window periods, except for Sundays and Public Holidays:

1. 0800hrs – 1000hrs;
2. 1200hrs – 1400hrs;
3. 1630hrs – 1830hrs.

Underwater drilling and blasting works will be carried out by work barge “GM 36” which will be held in position by 6 anchors. The following safety procedures and warning signals will be adopted for each blasting operation.
(a) All personnel will be evacuated from the danger zone prior to the blasting operations;
(b) Armed Protection Officer (APO) craft / safety boats will cordon off the working area 30 minutes before blasting operations;
(c) “Pasir Panjang Control” will issue navigational warning on VHF Ch 25;
(d) Two (2) prolong blasts on the whistle will be sounded 15 minutes before the blasting, to ensure all divers and ships to stay clear from the blasting area;
(e) Red flags will be erected to warn mariners 5 minutes prior to blasting operations;
(f) Three (3) short blasts on the whistle will be sounded 5 minutes before the commencement of the blasting operation;
(g) Four (4) short blasts on the whistle with blasting initiated on the 4th short blast; and
(h) One (1) prolonged blast will be sounded on the whistle after the completion of each blasting operation and red flag lowered.

Further enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Christopher, the project manager at Tel: 9815 6550 (email: christophergoh@mypenta.net).

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