03 September 2009

New on Wildfacts: mangroves and coastal plants

With trepidation I've uploaded a bunch of new factsheets on these fascinating plants found on our shores.Needless to say, it's just a start and there's still many many more plants to do. And lots of missing photos of fruits and flowers as these are often seasonal.

Many thanks to Dr John Yong, the cause of my infatuation with the mangroves, who has constantly and patiently shared of his vast experience and understanding. But all errors and omissions remain mine. Please do let me know if you spot any.

If you know the name of the plant, you can go straight to the text index.

If not, I've done a photo index and grouped the plants in as intuitive a way as possible.

There's also a brief section for nature guides who want to share about the mangroves. As always, if you have additional tips or stories to share, I'll be glad to add them to this page.

Any feedback and suggestions on improving these and other fact sheets are always most welcome. As well as any photos, sightings or information that you might like to share. Just email me (Ria) at hello@wildsingapore.com


  1. Wow, an excellent piece of work. Very useful, informative and valuable photo and text index you have created. Hope to see a similar index for some insect species.

  2. Thanks for the kind encouragement Federick.

    Oh my goodness. Insects. I doubt I will live long enough to get to that point :-)



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