25 September 2009

Freedom for hawksbill turtles of Kusu Island

From an Acres email: "After learning of the plight of stranded turtle hatchlings at Kusu Island, the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Team sprung into action. Working with Sentosa, we managed to find 48 hawksbill turtle hatchlings in the enclosed lagoon and released them into the sea."

Here's a video clip of them being released into the open sea.

48 hawksbill turtle hatchlings who were stranded on Kusu Island (Singapore) were rescued and released into the sea by ACRES. Releasing them at night would be best but unfortunately it was not possible in this case.


  1. From the ACRES website:

    "Kusu Island rescue
    ...We were alerted to the another case of stranded hawksbill turtle hatchlings- this time stranded in a lagoon at Kusu Island, their route to the sea blocked off.

    The overcrowded conditions at the lagoon meant that the hatchlings were attacking and injuring each other. Some of the hatchlings were covered in paint too, and urgently needed to be cleaned up.

    Again, the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Team sprung into action, traveling over to Kusu Island where, in collaboration with Sentosa, we were able to successfully relocate 137 hatchlings from the lagoon back into the sea over the next three days.

    Hawksbill turtles are critically endangered, and every single one of these rescued turtles will potentially play a vital role in increasing their numbers in the wild.

    All of these hatchlings have a tough journey in life ahead and the odds stacked against them, but ACRES is proud to have been able to assist these precious endangered turtles and given them a helping hand at the start of their- hopefully long and fruitful- lives."




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