21 September 2009

26 Sep (Sat): Talk on "Walk on the Wild Side: Marine Conservation in Singapore"

Singapore is well known as a "Garden City", but there is another "garden" that most people do not see that exists just off shore.
Photo taken at our Pulau Salu by Jeffrey Low from his flickr

Mr Jeffrey Low shares about Singapore's coastal and marine habitats, that still holds many surprises for the intrepid explorer.

From spineless, spiny creatures to backboned, shelled air breathers, there is a bounty of the weird and wonderful awaiting the urbanite that dares venture the confines of the concrete jungle.

In recent years, a small but growing number of conservationists have been using digital age tools to further the cause of conservation in Singapore. Armed with multi-tasking cameras and the ability to wake at pre-dawn hours, they recount their mini-expeditions to unknown shores through the use of blogs and other internet media, providing a rich tapestry of stories about their encounters.

As nature-starved Singaporeans begin to appreciate their own natural heritage, the opportunities for discovery and positive action abound, from the shores of the mainland to the islands south of Singapore.

The talk is free and no pre-registration is required.

Time: 3-4pm
Venue: Tampines Regional Library
Website: http://www.sciencemonth.org.sg/
Contact: Lim Chong Han 64650323 lim_chong_han@nparks.gov.sg


  1. I am not sure if this is the correct place to place a comment.

    I have just been to Punggol Beach over the weekend. I am glad to see that finally the beach is going to develop. A food-facility is going to be built at the end near the jetty. What displeases me is that they have surrounded the entire end area such it is virtually impossible to walk to the other side as the walkway is completely sealed off by the construction. They are making a "road or jogging track" near to the beach.

  2. Anonymous, it might be useful for you to attend Jeff's talk? To learn more about our shores and threats to them and how we can make a difference for our shores.



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