15 August 2009

Singapore mangroves featured in children's book

A lovely surprise today! I received a copy of a fantastic book about Southeast Asia's mangroves for kids.
Thanks to Erica Johnson, the book included some photos of Singapore's very own mangrove flora and fauna!

The book "Mangrove Forest Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure In Asia" by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn is written in a most engaging manner, with lots of interesting information for kids.

There was a feature on our beautiful Perepat (Sonneratia alba) with details of what the mangrove tree had for dinner ... mainly soaking up nutrients. A unique way to introduce the tree! There was also another page featuring our Api-api putih (Avicennia alba).
Also lots about the fascinating animals found in mangroves. With our Porcelain fiddle crab (Uca annulipes) taking pride of place next to the Proboscis monkeys.
And who can resist the mudskipper! They have included this photo of our Giant mudskipper (Periophthalmodon schlosseri), building its burrow one mud mouthful at a time! This photo was taken at Pasir Ris Park.
There's lots of interesting wildlife in our mangroves and our shores!

Erica has kindly arranged to donate to Acres for use of the photos in the book. And Louis of Acres has informed that the donation is being put to good use to raise awareness about wildlife.

Thus photos of our mangroves have helped in all kinds of ways! Thanks to Erica for all these arrangements, and congratulations to the authors for a fantastic book abour our mangroves!

More about the book.

More photos of our mangroves and shores on wildsingapore flickr.

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