31 August 2009

Dr John Yong's mangrove flickr site

Dr John Yong has started a fabulous flickr site with marvellous photos of all kinds of mangroves and coastal plants!
Not just from Singapore but from all around the world.

Dr John is very well traveled, a tireless naturalist and a leading expert on mangroves in Singapore, the region and beyond. So his photos are a great treasure.

He has grouped them in sets that you just must click to see! Having myself attempted to photograph mangrove plants, I know how much effort is involved in taking good photos of them.

This is all part of his caring and sharing outlook towards raising awareness and protection for mangroves. Dr John is a long-time and staunch volunteer for mangroves and has always been most generous with his time and expertise towards all things mangrove. Thank you Dr John!

More about Dr John Yong.

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