10 July 2009

TGIF: A furry encounter

It's Friday and there's something hidden in Adelle's bag! We noticed after the talk by Dr Patrick Grootaert.
A peek under the newspaper! It's furry and lively!

We are introduced to TG the baby civet cat!
Of course, the little creature attract papparazzi.
Adelle decides to let TG out for a bit. While TG is calm and cool, the rest of us are in a frenzy.
TG explores the foot of a Duck.
And checks out bits of stuff on the floor, oblivious to all.
"You all know they pee on their hands, right?" says Jeff as he picks up TG.
TG decides to have a stroll on Jeff as well.
Until Mama Adelle rescues him from all these voracious people.
Wow, TG is really cute and he sure made our Friday special!

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