10 May 2009

Photo of oil spill at Sentosa on 4 May

Joseph Lai of eart-h.com shared this photo taken on 4 May of the oil spill that happened on 1 May.Here's what Joe shared about his encounter:

"I was at Siloso 4 May and yes, there was a sign of spillage on a small stretch of the rocky shore near the Tanjung Rimau Beacon. The spillage did not appear to be extensive. I thought it was oil illegally discharged by a ship at anchor."

Thanks Joe for sharing this so promptly. It's good to know the impact was not extensive.

Joe is an experienced mariner and as well as renown naturalist and was instrumental in the effort for Chek Jawa prior to deferment of reclamation. More about Joseph Lai and more on his work on his eart-h.com website and his flying fish friends blog.

Ivan has also posted more comprehensive information about this event on his Lazy Lizard's Tales blog.

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