30 April 2009

Seagrass Watch is here!

Len and Rudi from Seagrass Watch HQ have arrived to conduct the Seagrass Watch workshop over the long weekend!
Hardly giving them a chance to breathe after they arrive, we kidnap them for cake and conference at NParks.

We subject them to lengthy, graphic updates of our many adventures over the years. I can't believe it's been two years since our last meeting in May 07!
And Siti shows off our new TeamSeagrass banner which will henceforth be proudly displayed whenever we are at work on the shores!I am also now the proud displayer of the TeamSeagrass car decal! OK, it's a bit crooked. Will fix it later when I regain full motor functions. (The other decal is for the Hantu Blog, volunteers who conduct dives at Pulau Hantu).

It's been a long week of low tides, and the best part is just beginning!

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