13 March 2009

Sand mining at Changi East continues

Work that began in Mar 08 continues to Apr 09.
More about the work and impact of dredging.

Sand Mining at Changi East
from Port Marine Notice No 35 of 2009 dated 12 Mar 09
This is a revision of Port Marine Notice No 170 of 2008. The working area, working period and working details have been revised.

With effect from 13 Mar 2009 to 12 Apr 2009. 24 hours daily, including Sundays and Public Holidays. At Changi East(see attached plan):
Sand mining will be carried out by the TSHD (trailing suction hopper dredger, what is this?) within the working areas. CSD will dredge the high spot in sector A and deposit the sand into rehandling areas 1 and 2. CSD will be held by spud legs and assisted by tug boat for movement within the working areas. Floating steel pipes will be anchored at 6 points with lighted buoys. There will be occasional survey work carried out by DHI survey vessel as required. Proper precautions will be in place and a safe distance of more than 250-metre from the dredger will be kept when such operations are carried out. Safety boats will be deployed to warn craft to keep clear of the working area. Further enquiries relating to operation can be directed to Mr S Y Yoon, the project coordinator, at Tel: 9795 5884, (email:bluewind0507@hdec.co.kr).

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