29 March 2009

First Seagrass-Watch newsletter for 2009

An awesome new layout, with lots of fascinating articles about seagrasses and the work being done to protect them.
The first article by Len McKenzie and Richard Unsworth is about the role our seagrass meadows play in sequestering carbon! The article ends by highlighting the importance of stewardship of seagrasses (that's what TeamSeagrass does!) in raising awareness of and protecting seagrass meadows and how these can offset our carbon footprints.

Read also about how seagrass is attracting tourists in Broome (Western Australia), but how groups are campaigning against the eradication of seagrass at tourist resorts in the Maldives.
There is also an article on a survey examining seagrass condition from the uplifting of Nias island (Indonesia) after the earthquakes and tsunamis in 2004 and 2005.
And of course, all about the adventures of TeamSeagrass in Singapore! Siti as usual, shares about our wacky adventures, at low tide and on the high seas!There's also an awesome article about Sawfish! Ah, I guess there ARE scarier things than stingrays and stonefish in seagrasses.

Go read the Seagrass-Watch News Issue 36 March 2009 on the Seagrass-Watch website (download the PDF).

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