25 February 2009

Wildfacts updates: Semakau Checklist - more photos!

Thanks to photo contributions by other shore explorers, we are starting to fill out the Semakau checklist!
Jun was the first with fantastic contributions from her flickr including a photo of a Banded file snake (Acrochordus granulatus) which was algae-covered. Jun also pointed out that I entirely forgot to add all the snakes to the checklist (which has since been fixed, oops). Jun also shared great shots of the big Dendroris tuberculosa nudibranch including of its underside, and the only photo of a Peachia anemone (Peachia sp.)!

Marcus Ng had lots of treasures on his flickr too! Including the only photos on Semakau of the pretty Yellow-banded damsel (Dischistodus fasciatus) and the little Chequered cardinalfish (Apogon margaritophorus).
And some halfbeaks which have yet to be identified and which I call the short nose halfbeaks.

Marcus also had the only photo records of the Cabbage coral (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi) for Semakau. This hard coral is rarely seen on our shores.And recently, he also spotted a feather star, and a pink heart urchin!

Kok Sheng also had interesting photo records on his flickr and his wonderful creations blog. The circular mushroom corals don't seem to be commonly seen on Semakau, fortunately Kok Sheng had some photos of them.
The middle photo seems to be of a Leathery sea anemone (Heteractis crispa)! And Kok Sheng had the only photo of a frilly sea anemone (Phymanthus sp.) with smooth tentacles.

Kok Sheng also had the only photos of a Platydoris scabra, and of the starry flatworm (Pseudobiceros stellae).
and the very pretty Blue dragon (Pteraeolidia ianthina).

Kok Sheng also recently shared photos of a Mosaic crab (Lophozozymus pictor), the Tiger-tailed sea horse (Hippocampus comes).As well as the much reported unidentified sea star, which I have placed among the Pentaceraster sea stars for the moment, until we can get the identity sorted out.

Chay Hoon had earlier shared on her flickr great photos of the Estuarine sea horse (Hippocampus kuda), and Spotted tail frogfish (Lophiocharon trisignatus).As well as tiny baby Noble volute (Cymbiola nobilis)!

Chay Hoon also shared this photo of the grey-footed onch slug (Platyvindex sp.)
and one of the best shots of a 'Nemo' on Semakau, the False clown anemonefish (Amphiprion ocellaris), as well as a photo of a Fire anemone (Actinodendron sp.)!

Sijie had earlier also shared on his nature scouter blog a photo of a Yelloweye pufferfish (Arothron immaculatus), a nice photo of the Blue-spotted fantail ray (Taeniura lymma).As well as the purple-spotted yellow flatworm (Pseudoceros laingensis).

Helen shared on her flickr, the only photo of the Head-stripe goby (Amblygobious stethophthalmus), and of the Spiral melongena (Pugilina cochlidium).
And Swee Cheng on his flickr, shared this lovely photo of the red-tipped flatworm (Pseudoceros bifurcus).

Andy continues to share amazing video clips of our marine life on his sgbeachbum blog. Including this yet-to-be identified very hairy hermit crab on Terumbu Raya, just off Pulau Semakau. This hermit crab is not often encountered.

Thanks everyone for the invaluable contributions! I always welcome contributions of photos and sightings to the wild facts sheets.

All identification errors are solely mine, I would be grateful for any corrections.

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