16 February 2009

Call to boycott Sipadan and Sabah over shark finning

There's an "uproar in the international diving community, with some threatening to boycott Sabah entirely" over shark finning that has been going on near Sipadan for several years, according to a New Straits Times article.

An open letter by Wet Pixel members about shark finning going on at Pulau Mabul near Sipadan was earlier sent to Malaysian government officials.
This is one of the photos included in the open letter.

The New Straits Times article reports Fisheries Department director Rayner Stuel Galid said shark finning was not illegal in Sabah.

He said those with a valid fishing licence had the right to fish in the area, provided they didn't encroach on protected areas.

"This includes fishing for sharks," said Galid, adding that the only protected species of shark under current law was the whale shark.

He said local and foreign fishermen were fishing in the territorial waters of Indonesia and the Philippines so they were out of the jurisdiction of the department.

"Sipadan and the waters around Sipadan are off limits to fishermen, and we will work with all enforcement agencies responsible to ensure no fishing is done in these waters," said Galid.

Full media article on the wildsingapore news blog.

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