15 January 2009

WWF Singapore looking for Singapore Sustainable Seafood Campaign consultant

The live reef fish trade (LRFT) has been identified as a serious threat.
Juvenile humphead wrasse (far left and far right), amongst other live tropical coral reef fish kept in water tanks before being sold to customers. Fish market, Hong Kong. China. From the WWF website.

WWF Singapore, in partnership with the Coral Triangle Network Initiative (CTNI), has developed a project to increase the awareness of Singaporean consumers on the need to make a sustainable choice when purchasing seafood and to utilize a resident “customized” Singapore seafood guide to make those choices. The awareness campaign will focus on seafood consumption in Singapore.

In order to develop the full “customized” Singapore seafood guide, an inventory of seafood products traded in Singapore will need to be determined.

WWF is seeking an experienced fisheries biologist/ecologist to collect data on seafood on sale in Singapore at various wholesale and retail outlets in Singapore.

Interested applicants are requested to send a copy of their CV to Ms Amy Ho, Managing Director, WWF Singapore at aho@wwf.sg, by 24 Jan 2009.

Full details on the WWF Singapore website, at this PDF download.

See also earlier media reports on this fish guide.

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