23 January 2009

Marine soil investigation at Changi East continues

Apparently the investigation involves "Vibrocoring". What is this?
A vibracore device uses a vibration source to sink a sample barrel into unconsolidated, water-saturated sediments. The vibrations cause disturbance in the sediment that is in contact with the sample barrel to facilitate penetration. The disturbance is minimal and sedimentary structures are preserved in the sample. These samples are suitable for both environmental and geotechnical projects such as beach restoration, construction evaluation, pollution localization, pre-dredge studies, stratigraphic research, and others.
from the Athena Technologies website
This corer uses motors to generate a centrifugal force to vibrate the sample barrel into the ground. It enables samples to be taken in granular material and in stiff clays. Typical applications include: mineral exploration, aggregate resource evaluation, pre-dredging geotechnical surveys, sand search, reclamation quality control, near-shore site investigation, cable route surveys, pipeline route surveys.
from In-situ Soil Testing an online book

Marine Soil Investigation at Changi East
from Port Marine Notice No. 11 of 2009 dated 23 Jan 09
This is a revision of Port Marine Notice No 223 of 2008. The work detail has been revised.

With effect from 29 Jan 09 to 05 Feb 09, 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays, off Changi East (see attached plan):
Soil investigation work will be carried out by means of Vibrocoring. The work boat will be anchored with one bow anchor for the duration of the soil investigation works. A circular safety zone of 50 metres radius is centred around the work boat. Further enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr. J H Kim, the person in charge, (email: jhkim07@hdec.co.kr) at Tel: 9729 3453.

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