14 December 2008

Sewage leak at St. John's Island: it took a letter to the press to fix

It took a letter to the press to alert about a sewage leak on St. John's Island. The letter also noted that leak was near a fish farm that provides fish to our local market. And that there were people collecting shellfish in the area too.

A week after the letter, a response from the authorities was published. The reply noted that a site survey was done on the same day the letter was published and that "measures were taken to immediately rectify the problem". AVA then conducted water quality checks in the same week that showed this to be "within the guidelines set for fish culture, and that the fish from the farm are safe for consumption."

It just goes to show that ordinary people need to monitor the situation on the shores on a regular basis and speak up for any issues that may impact the health of our shores, which ultimately affect our health too.

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