09 October 2008

Sammy the whale shark: facebook groups set up

With nearly 1,000 members and lots of comments at Set The Whale Shark Free From The Atlantis Aquarium Dubai. And another group with about 200 members at Free the Palm Atlantis Whale Shark! .

Latest concerns expressed, from Thanks - but no tanks, Sammy says Emmanuelle Landais, Gulf news 9 Oct 08
How is the whale shark, which is a filter feeder that eats minuscule zooplankton, being fed in the htotel aquarium?

"The fact it is also a female is quite a worry. Keeping a female in captivity is reducing the chances of her procreating and increasing the population."

"The whale shark is being kept in an artificial tank, so what data could be gathered on swim patterns and feeding behaviour?"

"To keep such a giant creature in a tank is cruel beyond belief."


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