08 October 2008

New Google layer for marine protected areas

The layer allows you to share photos and stories of YOUR shore!

From the Official MPA blog, "this layer not only shows you where we have protected the sea, but which also allows you to get involved by sharing pictures, videos and stories about your local sites in a way not previously possible.

In doing so we will make history by working together to provide the first illustrated picture of global ocean protection of wildlife and habitats using Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)".

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the layer to load up on my google earth :-(

Update: got it to load, and the three MPAs are Sungei Buloh, Labrador and Southern Islands. Only the location for Labrador is wrong! It's indicated as being right in the middle of the Pasir Panjang terminal...Oops...wonder how this can be fixed.

The details for Labrador says "Part of this MPA is no-take (fishing and removal of other resources is prohibited)" although fishing is permitted on Labrador jetty. And it states that the reserve was established in 1951. Other details include "Not yet known sq km of sea, 0.16 sq km total area including land"

See also Google Earth's Protect Planet Ocean website. This is part of Google Earth Outreach, set up last year to allow non-profit organisations around the world to showcase the work they do.

Singapore falls under the East Asia Sea section of this site. And the regional coordinator is Moi Khim Tan from Malaysia. There are some photos of the Vietnam Nha Trang MPA uploaded on the site.

More about this on New Google tool reveals marine protected areas Daniel Woolls, Associated Press 7 Oct 08

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  1. This is a great new resource but it's clear that the underlying data can be improved and added to. Actually, it seems you can do this through the iMPA pages on the the ProtectPlanetOcean.org web portal. You just need a google account to log in and make changes (provided you have the correct data!) So it seems pretty easy to do - e.g. change the location, provide URLs to kml files of the boundary, add photos & videos etc. Cool!



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