07 October 2008

Another oil rig to park off Pulau Semakau

The Trident 9 oil rig is the latest to be parked off Pulau Semakau for maintenance.

Oil rig "Trident 9" off Pulau Semakau
from Port Marine Notice No. 187 of 2008 dated 6 Oct 08
With effect from 09 Oct 2008 to 19 Oct 2008. At West Jurong Anchorage, (see attached plan)

The works on the oil rig entail, commissioning works and replenishment of supplies. Hot work will also be carried out.

Four (4) anchors will be laid to hold the “TRIDENT 9” in position within the working area. Buoys are in position to mark the anchors. The safety boats will be in attendance during the entire period of stay of the “TRIDENT 9 ” within the working area.

Further enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Capt Lim Ewe Seng, Senior Shipwright Manager, at Tel 9047 8591 or email: eweseng.LIM@keppelfels.com.sg

What is going on in this area?

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