18 September 2008

More new records of snails from East Coast Park

Recently uploaded to Nature in Singapore, two more articles by Wong Hoong Wei on a new record of a coral-dwelling snail (Coralliophila Rubrococcinea) and a dove snail (Mitrella moleculina)!

Both snails were found during a survey of "reclaimed coastlines of East Coast Park".

The coral-dwelling snail was found off Bedok Jetty in the "crevices of delicate and fragile hard corals uprooted by anglers' tangled fishing lines". The author adds "it is unknown if it occurs anywhere else in Singapore".

The small dove snails were also sadly found in "mud and debris pulled up by tangled fishing lines off Bedok Jetty". Faded specimens were also found washed ashore elsewhere on East Coast Park and "more investigation is needed to determine if this species occurs elsewhere in Singapore".

Yes indeed! We should have a closer look when we visit our shores!

Read the full articles which you can download from the Nature in Singapore website.

A new record of Mitrella moleculina (Duclos, 1840) (Gastropoda: Columbellidae) in Singapore, with notes on colour forms. H. W. Wong. Pp. 81–83. [PDF, 145 KB]

A new record of Coralliophila rubrococcinea Melvill & Standen, 1901 (Gastropoda: Muricoidea) in Singapore. H. W. Wong. Pp. 93-95. [PDF, 160 KB]

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