16 September 2008

Insight into 'uni' - sea urchin gonads

Among sushi delicacies is 'uni', made of sea urchin gonads. Why anyone would eat squishy orange stuff, much less enjoy it and ask for more, is explained on The Echinoblog.

Possibly MORE than what you wanted to know about 'uni'.

Warning: it's a post that will make you go 'ooo' AND 'eehwww' at the same time.

Collection pressure on the poor pricklies as well as chemistry issues also considered (including effect on 'potency' of human beings) in Why Sea Urchin sushi (uni) tastes SO frakking good!

1 comment:

  1. omg and to think im going to sushi-land soon... i'm going to be a whole lot more careful about orange squishy things i eat

    but people eat finger nails and spit too... whats a few gonads :P



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