24 August 2008

New nature walk at Labrador Nature Reserve

I just came across an announcement on the NParks website of an upcoming nature walk at Labrador Nature Reserve on 6 Sep (Sat).

This is fabulous! All our other nature reserves have regular walks. Let's hope this is the start of more regular activities at our only Reserve with a wild shore.

Apparently, there was a marine guided walk on 7 Feb 08. I totally missed that. Alas.

Here's more details about the upcoming nature walk. Also uploaded on the wildsingapore happenings blog.

What are the common trees that can be found in the coastal hill forest? Have you heard the sounds of the cicadas? Have a panoramic view of the sea at the highest point of Labrador Nature Reserve.

Take a stroll with us along the promenade to learn some interesting coastal trees. Come and enjoy us for a relaxing and soothing nature walk.

To register, please contact Wen Fang at 62738602 or email tan_wen_fang@nparks.gov.sg

Registration closes 1 day before the walk.

Time: 9-11am
Venue: Labrador Nature Reserve (Carpark A)
Cost: $4 per person (Maximum 15 pax)
Website and contact: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/


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