15 May 2011

16-21 May: Wayang at Ubin

Next week, come to Pulau Ubin for authentic traditional wayang in celebration of Tua Pek Kong's birthday!
Free boat rides to Ubin from Changi Point Ferry Terminal from 6.30pm to 10pm!

There will be nightly wayang show (16-20 May) and finale geitai show (21 May). This is NOT a special performance put up for the public, but a part of the way of life of the residents of Ubin. Here is a chance to take part in a dying tradition. Take a bumboat to Pulau Ubin and enjoy what may be the last of these performances. You can also enjoy a sumptious dinner at the restaurants there before or while watching the show.

Thanks to the alert by Alan of Ubin NParks. More about these festivities on the Pulau Ubin stories blog.

More on how to get to Pulau Ubin.

More about Wayang at Pulau Ubin on the ubin.sgkopi blog.

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