16 May 2011

Join as a day participant in the Sea Anemone Workshop (15-21 Jun)

A chance for ordinary people to learn about our fascinating sea anemones! These lovely animals are not well studied, thus we know so little about them.
Big hermit crab anemone
One of the many beautiful but unidentified anemones on our shores.
This is about to change! In June, Dr Daphne Fautin, the world authority on sea anemones, will be in Singapore to conduct a workshop on sea anemones with the Tropical Marine Science Institute. Ordinary people who are interested can join as day participants!

Dr Daphne has been visiting Singapore several times. Recently, she has documented 16 species of anemones on the shores of Singapore, ten of them new occurrence records (here's the paper!). Dr Daphne runs the awesome Hexacorallians of the World website and is a wonderful teacher.
Dr Tan Swee Hee (right) and Dr Daphne Fautin
during her last visit to Singapore in 2009.
Photo taken by James Koh and posted on the Raffles Museum News blog.

The upcoming sea anemone workshop is part of the recently launched Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey of Singapore in collaboration with the National Parks Board, National Biodiversity Centre.

The workshop aims to impart skills and knowledge to identity tropical sea anemones effectively. This workshop focuses on hands-on laboratory sessions. Field trips will also be conducted.
Awesome science behind understanding anemones! More

Ordinary people can join the workshop!

Day participants can join the workshop at $25 per half day session. As a day participant you can only attend the lectures. For the laboratory sessions, you can observe the session but not participate in the activities. You do not need to attend all 7 days of the lectures. You can choose which days to attend, but you need to confirm with the organisers again closer to the date of the workshop.

Places for day participants are limited, so register fast!

Among the fascinating topics that Dr Daphne will cover are:

15 Jun (Wed)
1330hrs: Introduction to sea anemone biology and morphology
1600hrs: Introduction to sea anemone taxonomy

16 Jun (Thu)
1000-1100hrs: A review of anemones found/ recorded in Singapore.
1400-1500hrs: Histological techniques 1: Relaxing, preservation and fixation of specimens

17 Jun (Fri)
1100-1200hrs: Introduction to nematocysts and its use in taxonomy
1545- 1645hrs: Introduction to taxonomic publications. Discuss on nomenclature vs taxonomy

18 Jun (Sat)
1400hrs: Histological techniques 2: Embedding, trimming and sectioning

19 Jun (Sun)
0845-0945hrs: Introduction to sea anemone phylogeny and techniques.
1615-1715hrs: Ecology of sea anemones.

20 Jun (Mon)
0845-0945hrs: Histological techniques 3 – Rehydration, staining and introduction to reagents involved
1515-1545hrs: Natural History Museums and the cataloging specimens

The $25 fee includes the 20-minute boat ride between Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal and St. John's Island, where the workshop is being held.

Boat schedule for day participants attending the workshop

Departure from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal: 9am and 1pm
Departure from St. John's Island: 12.30pm and 6pm

Departure from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal: 9am and 12noon
Departure from St. John's Island: 12.30pm and 6pm

Departure from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal: 11.30am
Departure from St. John's Island: 6pm

Departure from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal: 8am and 1pm
Departure from St. John's Island: 12.30pm, 6pm and 9pm (TBA)

More details on the workshop on the TMSI website and in this PDF which includes registration forms. Pre-registration is required.

Or come for Dr Daphne's public talk about anemones!

If you cannot make it for the workshop, do try to come for Dr Daphne's guest lecture at NUS on 21 Jun (Tue) at 6pm. Venue to be announced. Pre-registration for this talk is required. Please register with Ms Lin Juanhui tmslinj@nus.edu.sg.

I'm really looking forward to this exciting workshop!


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