11 January 2011

15 Jan (Sat): Talk on "What is a ‘healthy’ Mangrove Eco-system?"

Dr John Yong, a mangrove forest expert who has vast regional experience will be giving this talk at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve!
Dr John Yong (left most) at Kranji mangroves

Warning: Dr Yong's passion for mangroves is highly infectious. I am among his many mangrove mania students and have learnt a lot from him!

This is the first talk at Sungei Buloh to celebrate 2011 International Year of the Forests.

Come for this talk to learn lots about our mangroves. Topics include the following:
1. Importance of hydrology in governing mangrove health
2. Importance of mud accretion
3. Floristic components – an update
4. Albinos in mangroves
5. Plus an introduction to various Green Engineering involving mangroves for coastal protection.
6. Implementation of these ideas for Mangrove Ecological Restoration in Sungei Buloh

Time: 8.45am to 10.30am
Venue: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve – Theatre
Website and contact: http://www.sbwr.org.sg/


  1. Very fortunate to have an expert to give a public talk. Kudos to Singapore!

    Wish I can be there. Hmm... should i move over to Singapore?

    Great stuffs, Ria!

  2. Wendy, we need you right where you are!! You are doing so much good work there. I'll post about Dr Yong's lecture and try to get as much as possible on the blog.

    Thank you as always for your great encouragement!



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