10 October 2010

Butt launch!

I just managed to attend the launch of Khew Sin Khoon's awesome "A Field Guide to Butterflies of Singapore" this morning. As usual, Khew gives a great talk introducing some of the efforts made for our butterflies.
Here's the intrepid Butterfly Circle gang when they were doing a survey of the butterflies at the Istana!

With more insights into our butterflies ...

Although Singapore is tiny, we have a good variety of butterfly species!
And MORE species are continuously being discovered!
Some of them are 'foreign talent'! Including some from as far away as America!
Khew also sheds some light on commonly asked questions about butterflies. Such as how to tell butterflies and moths apart.
And of course, we mustn't forget that caterpillars are very much a part of butterflies! And we must love the whole animal in all its forms.
Khew shows an awesome animation of a butterfly emerging! Surely among the most magical sights of nature. There was also a lovely slideshow of his favourite photos and a 'little red dot' animation to launch the book.
Khew was kept very busy after the talk. Badgered on all sides for autographs.
And deservedly so, for a great guidebook!Find out more about why and how the guidebook was done in Metamorphosis - the Birth of a New (Butterfly) Book on the Butterflies of Singapore blog.

Congratulations to Khew and his marvellous team for a much-needed resource for nature lovers! Thank you!

Khew and the awesome Butterfly Circle have been sharing exquisite photos and meticulous and fascinating details about our butterflies through the Butterflies of Singapore blog.

You can also find out more about our 'butts', as Khew cheekily refers to them, on the Butterfly Circle website which includes a photo checklist and fact sheets.

Best way to learn about butterflies? Come for Khew's talk on 16 Oct (Sat)!

Talk on "Butterflies of Singapore"
Date: 16 Oct (Sat)
Time: 10am
Venue: Function Hall, Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens

The talk is free and all are welcome!


  1. Wow, Ria. You are fast! Thanks for coming for the launch, and I hope that you will enjoy the book! Now you won't have to bug me to ID butts any more! :P

  2. We should thank YOU and your team for putting together this awesome book! I will try my best not to bug you about ID since I have no longer have an excuse. But knowing how lame I am with butts, you will probably still have to rescue me now and then.

  3. But of course, Ria. :) Even though I have the dragonfly book in hand, I still also have to bug Tang for finer points of ID'ing dragonflies too!
    Enjoy the book!



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