25 March 2010

Be a part of Singapore's new natural history museum!

You CAN contribute to building Singapore's new natural history museum!
A website has been launched to accept donations from the public. Your gift will help to create a museum that we all can be proud of! $24million is needed by June to make this a reality!

Currently, the public can only get a glimpse of less than 1% of the total collection of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, at its tiny but well-loved public gallery. So it was great news to hear that we will soon get a new natural history museum. With massive space to showcase our wonderful biodiversity!
Older Singaporeans will remember the humungous whale skeleton that hung from the ceiling in the old Raffles Museum.
It was awesome! Let's recreate it and then some!

LOTS more about the new natural history museum in this earlier post.

How can I donate to the new museum?
Visit the RMBR website and click on donate.

You can donate online or by cheque.

To donate in cash or other gifts, please call Ms Sum Foong Yee at 6516-8364 or e-mail her at dbssfy@nus.edu.sg to arrange your gift.

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