26 January 2010

Shopping centres versus sea shores: time to do the URA survey!

Put the ticks where they ought to be! In the URA survey for its Concept Plan 2011.
Use the 'Others' box to list your concerns not represented in the options. The survey closes 21 Feb!

The survey will gather feedback to give planners an idea of what Singaporeans want in four key areas.
Among the questions in the "Enhancing the Quality of Our Living Environment" portion is this one:
Here's the full list of options.
Here's your chance to 'vote' for our wild and green places.

In the segment on "An Endearing Home" you have an opportunity to share your fondest memories of a Singapore place and why. Time to talk about our favourite shores and wild places!

Sustainable Growth for Singapore includes questions about energy-saving and recycling as well as other related issues.

Have more to say?

If you have a lot more to say, you can use their online feedback form. But max 2,000 characters, and no option for attachments, so it's not really a lot more space. I simply blogged my comments the previous time that I sent my feedback and added a link in the feedback form to my blog post.

Will it make a difference to speak up?

Well, if you don't speak up for our wild places, you can be sure there will be plenty of Singaporeans who will speak up for shopping centres, golf courses and other stuff which you may NOT want.

I gave a long response to the URA Draft Master Plan 2008. Not only did I get a reply from URA, but the URA planning team even went with us to Cyrene Reef! It was awesome!

So yes, I think it makes a difference for the wild places and wildlife that you are passionate about!

Survey closes 21 Feb!

What happens next?

There will be two focus groups of about 35 members each who will study for four key areas.

National Arts Council chairman Edmund Cheng and National University of Singapore president Tan Chorh Chuan will co-chair the group looking at quality of life and ageing. Shell chairman Lee Tzu Yang and Institute of Policy Studies director Ong Keng Yong will do the same for the sustainability and identity focus group.

The group discussions will take place over four months, after which they will present recommendations, which will include the public's views from the online survey, at a public forum in the middle of this year.

The final plan will be unveiled at the end of next year.

Media articles, links to the press release and speech on wildsingapore news.

See also Siva's post on habitatnews, and November's post on her Midnight Monkey Monitor.

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